Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Tonguings

As you probably can tell, I have a HUGE thing for black and white photos. I think they're incredibly erotic. And this photo definitely gets my juices flowing. It makes me wish that Estaban was home from work because I could definitely use a little of the tongue action going on in this photo. And believe me when I say, he uses that tongue like a pro. He always leaves me sopping wet and begging for more, as it should be. And I always reciprocate, which keeps him VERY happy.

1 comment:

Len W. Taylor said...

this is a HOT pic Eden. Thanks for posting it.

BTW, I picked up the free copy of Naughty secrets @ Smashwords and loved it!

I will definitely check out more of your work.

Keep the Hotness cumming darling.