Monday, June 27, 2011

Naughty Secrets 3: Twins Cover

Here's the cover for Naughty Secrets 3: Twins. We totally love it, and we hope you do too.

So...what do you guys think?

Naughty Secrets 3 Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak of what to expect in Naughty Secrets 3. Enjoy!


As Jessie struggled internally with whether or not to let this encounter go further, a voice whispered in her head, “Just go with it. Enjoy yourself.”

Jessie swallowed her nervousness then stood on the tips of her toes to kiss Will again. While her lips worked their magic, her hands went to the buttons of his shirt. When he was bare-chested, she ran her fingernails down his chest to his lower stomach. She reached for his belt buckle, eager to undo it.

But Will was impatient, very impatient. He grabbed her hands with one of his large calloused ones and with the other he undid his belt. It was off in a second, and he had his cock out of his jeans, just above the zipper. Jessie breathed in deeply, noticing his cock was proportionate to his height. Will was no small man.

Even better it was thick and straight.

Will flashed another grin when he saw her staring at it. Throwing caution to the wind she took it in her hand and gripped it. The warmth of it made her even wetter. She bit her lip when she noticed Will breathe in sharply and his cock grow even harder. A small bit of pre-cum escaped the tip, and Jessie gave into her animal instincts. She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. As she worked Will with her tongue and a firm grip, he leaned into her and fucked her mouth in rhythm with her tugs. He had a heart shaped mole just above his cock that she noticed as she toyed with his dick. She could fit most of him in her mouth despite his girth and length and she looked up at him for approval.

His closed eyes and hanging mouth let her know the job was effective.

“Christ,” he whispered.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Glowing Review from Serena R Leigh

Check out the awesome review Serena R. Leigh gave Naughty Secrets. According to her, Estaban and I will be taking the world of erotica by the balls. Well, I certainly hope so! And I think Estaban does too.

"Eden Skye  (@Eden_Skye82) and Estaban Steel (@EstabanSteel) are one hot couple that I think will be taking the world of erotia by the balls...and we know that's what so many of us love to do. Their erotic short Naughty Secrets takes us into the world of married couple Jake and Sarah. The passion is gone from their relationship and it seems that the only place they find that feeling of desire and wanting is in the work place. The escapades of Sarah and Jake with their respective lovers is filled with the steamy wickedness of it being wrong, but feeling oh so nice. 

Naughty Secrets was naughty in all the right places, which made me hot in all the right places. I look forward to reading much more from this duo. Naughty Secrets can be found for Amazon Kindle (HERE) and for other eReaders at AllRomance (HERE) and Smashwords (HERE)."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Naughty Secrets 2 Cover

Here's the cover for Naughty Secrets 2.

I will be uploading NS2 to various sites today, so stay tuned.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Naughty Secrets 2 Sneak Peak

Earlier today I promised a possible sneak peak at Naughty Secrets 2. Well, here it is!

In my humble opinion, this is even better than the first. Estaban and I have definitely upped the ante with this one.

We hope this snippet entices you to purchase NS2 when it becomes available later in the week.


Derrick looked at her with expectation and apprehension on his face. “What’s going on, Kendra?”

Kendra said nothing. Instead she stood on tiptoes and brushed her lips against the area of skin just behind his ear. The feel of her lips on his neck made Derrick gasp. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and licked a slow path up to earlobe, which she clasped between her teeth.

Derrick responded with months of pent up desire. Before Kendra could react, he spun her around in the hallway while simultaneously kicking the door shut behind him. Kendra could smell the rainwater and his diluted cologne; it wafted into her nose like an intoxicant. She couldn’t even process the smell and its effect, though, because Derrick had pushed her towards the wall and was returning the ear nibble from over her shoulder.

She felt her cheeks flush, and her body began to warm up. A stark contrast to how cold she felt when Alex was still in the house. The warmth spread over her body wherever Derrick touched her. 

His hands slipped down her neck, spreading goose bumps along with the heat. His strong hands glided over her shoulders as his lips moved from her earlobe down to her neck and shoulder. Kendra could feel his warm tongue glide across her collarbone, and she let a sharp breath rasp through her teeth. She closed her eyes as she pressed into the wall and let herself feel Derrick. His hands came around her stomach, and they were warm and hard but seemed to know the route well. One hand slipped under her bra grabbing her firmly under the breast. The other slid over her ass and began to unzip the pants from their back zipper. Kendra was suddenly very happy she decided to wear her black slacks today.


If you want to know ensues, make sure to keep an eye out for links on where to purchase a copy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Glimpse Into Naughty Secrets

I was thinking that I should post an excerpt from Naughty Secrets to show all of you what Estaban and I came up with. I happen to think, as does he, that we one helluva hot story. Read the excerpt. Buy a copy. And then tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

And then it happened. He didn’t say anything, but before he knew it he was around the desk and he had her soft pink lips pressed against his own. His heart beat in his ears and his hands trembled from nervousness, excitement, lust. His hands slipped down the small of her back and he grabbed a handful of firm ass that made him feel crazy. He could feel his body respond. So could she, and again she smiled. This time he knew that smile.
She turned around, still in his arms and pushed his pile of papers to the floor off of his desk. Jake had been working on those files for weeks but he didn’t care. She pressed her ass against him as she did so, and again Jake felt the surge of adrenaline travel through his groin. He slipped a hand up that pencil skirt causing it to bunch over her hips. He caught a hint of red lace underwear before the skirt fell over his wrist, but he didn’t need to see to feel the warmth radiating from her. 
She let out a small moan.
Easing his fingers between the fabric and her thigh, he found it, so wet, so soft, so warm.
With one hand on the desk, she looked back at him, her hair sweeping the top of the mahogany. With her other, she reached back and began undoing his belt. She stumbled a bit on the suit button, but Jake took care of that and then, suddenly he was free. She grabbed him full in her hand, and the grip felt like a massage that seemed to tighten the muscle and provide a small bit of relief all at the same time.

“Now. I need you now.” Her face was already flushed, but she looked him dead in the eye over her shoulder as she pulled him by his cock, towards her. 

If you like what you've read, you can purchase Naughty Secrets at the following sites:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Screw the Ash Tree, I wanna know bout the ASS Tree...

Could you imagine a world where ass grew on trees? Apple-bottom trees? Peach trees? What would THOSE be in a world where asses grew on trees hmmm?

Nice juicy ass or ..umm... peaches ripe for the plucking?

I am sure that the Ash Tree is a marvelous novel. But I am here to talk about my exploits. My sexcapades.

Poor miss Eden. I plucked her forbidden apple years ago. And its still ripe...and fresh...and juicy.

Stop blushing baby doll, come over here and let me smack that ass a bit before I sit down, jerk off, and write this next story.

Eden may have gotten her kinky ideas from reading, but my writing is inspired by my real life.

Let me tell you something, there is no one out there who you can't roll around in the hay with if you play your cards right.

She is out of my league? Like hell she is. You just need to know what turns her on, and then do it relentlessly. Every in...eventually.

With that, this is Estaban Steel, signing out.

The Ash Tree: Definitely Worth a Read

Good morning and happy Thursday to all!

One of the things Estaban and I want to share with you is some of our favorite erotic fiction authors and stories. We not only like to write about we sex, we like to read about it, as well. Hell, some of our kinkier exploits have been inspired by things we've read about.

The other day a good friend of mine suggested I should read The Ash Tree by Heath Chase.

This is case of don't judge a book by it's cover.

At first glance, this looks more like a historical fiction piece. While the first part of the book is loaded with information on Pirate Jim Rogers and his pilaging ways, the end includes a very sexy encounter between Jim and a young woman named Clarisse Merriweather. When you put a love-starved pirate alongside a beautiful, sexy woman that reminds him of his dead wife, it's a steamy sexual encounter waiting to happen.

So if you love pirate stories, this is one to check out!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Naughty Secrets Cover

Estaban and I have a surprise for you this morning.

What is it, you ask? Why, it's the cover of our new short story Naughty Secrets, which we hope to have available to all of you by Friday.

We hope you enjoy the cover as much as we do. We think our cover art person did a fantastical job on it. What do you think?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Introducing Us

Good morning, you sexy people!

I know, it's Monday. *sigh* The weekend wasn't long enough for us either.

As you can see, this blog is still in its infancy, which means Estaban and I have a blank slate to play with. And believe me, we LOVE to play around.

So what do we hope to accomplish with this blog? Well, first we'd like to share some of our exploits with you because we think they're pretty damn hot. We could be biased, but we don't think so.

We'd also like to share links to some of favorite reading material by some of our favorite authors. Maybe we'll even recommend a sex toy or two...or TEN! You can never have too many. (As Rihanna says "Whips and chains excite me.")

You can also expect excerpts from our work, as well as sneak peeks at upcoming covers.

If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see us post, please feel free to email me at We look forward to hearing from you.