Friday, July 15, 2011

Naughty Secrets 6: Her Step Father's Hose Publishing Update

Naughty Secrets 6: Her Step Father's Hose is now available on All Romance eBooks and Smashwords. Barnes & Noble will follow within the next day or so.

Here's an excerpt from it to give you a taste of what to expect.


She feigned innocence again. “Nothing. I tripped.”


She laughed. “It happens.”

He shook his head but said nothing.

By the time they left the beach, Adam’s face was redder than she’d ever seen it. She could tell he was exerting all of his self-control to not tackle her and have his way with her right there on the sand, everyone around be damned.

When they climbed into the cab of the fire truck, they were completely alone and hidden from view. “You know, I could take care of your current problem,” she told him.

He glanced over at her. “And what problem is that?”

“That one.” She pointed at his pants which were stretched tight. She licked her lips, already picturing her mouth sliding up and down his length.

“Someone could see.” His protest sounded weak to her ears.

“No one is going to see. We’re up higher than all of the other vehicles around. All the other trucks have left. We’re safe. ” And with that she slid closer to Adam and placed her hand on his hip.
Adam’s self-control was withering even as his cock grew. Katelyn grabbed his belt when Adam pressed his hand against hers in a last ditch effort to fend her off.

But Katelyn had wound herself up during all the teasing, and she would not be denied.

She slapped Adam’s hand aside and reached into his pants, feeling his already hard and stiff cock. It was as big in her hand as the fire hose she carried earlier and again she could feel the pulsing of the power in it.

Her heart beating rapidly, Katelyn pulled the dick the rest of the way out and leaned forward in the fire truck cab, putting the head of his cock into her mouth. At first she teased the tip of it, each flick making his dick move a little as Adam clenched his muscles together. Each lick stole his breath. When she put it completely in her mouth, she could feel it harden even more as Adam gasped with pleasure.


To read the rest of NS6, please visit one of the above mentioned online retailers to purchase your copy for $.99.

In other news, Amber Stone also released her second story today, titled Down on the Farm. I've read it, and it's super hot. If you ever thought farm girls didn't know how to get down and dirty, you were wrong.

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