Thursday, July 14, 2011

Naughty Secrets 5: Teacher's Pet Now Available

Naughty Secrets 5: Teacher's Pet is now available. For a sample of what to expect in our newest addition to the Naughty Secrets series, check out the sample below.

When Willow finished her last bite, she sat her fork down and stared at Luke. “So Professor, I mean, Luke, have you thought about any makeup assignments that I may be able to do?”

He raised his eyebrow and steepled his hands in front of him. “I have.”


“Are you willing to do ANYTHING to bring that grade up?”

Here it comes, she thought. “Yes.”

“Good! Then come with me into the living room. I’ve got a fire going in there. We’ll be nice and warm.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. The touch of his skin was electrifying and sent chills throughout her body.

They made their way over to the fire after scooping up their glasses of wine. The fire raged inside of the crevice as if it wanted to leap out beyond the glass doors that kept it at bay. Willow was entranced by it as Luke pulled her down onto a plush bearskin rug that lay along the curve of the brick comprising the fireplace.

Orange and yellow flames seemed to wrap them both in a glowing reflection of the caged blaze just beyond them.

Willow’s heart seemed to pulse with the flickering of the flames. It leapt into her throat when Luke placed his hand on top of hers as they sat together gazing into the fire. He took a sip of wine and then glanced over at her, his lips almost pouty.

“I have a confession Willow.”

“What is it Prof…I mean Luke.” She chided herself at forgetting to call him Luke once again.

“I have been waiting for this moment for so long. I think perhaps in my frustration to be with you, I have given you grades you didn’t deserve.” He squeezed her hand and looked up at her, eyes penetrating into her soul.

“Oh, well, um it’s never too late to change them…”

Luke pulled her by the hand, angling her towards him. They hesitated for a moment and then she felt his lips, soft, wet, and warm on hers. She immediately felt her stomach cartwheel, and she pressed forward, meeting his lips. His hand came up under her hair and his other hand gently caressed her face as their tongues began to explore each other.

Willow felt her hand slide along his arm as he pulled her even closer and then Luke was leaning her back onto the soft rug, the heat of the fire place cascading off of her face. The heat in her loins grew hotter. 

Luke was on top of her now and her hand still held onto his arm, an arm that had a surprising amount of muscle beneath the green pullover.

A moan escaped her lips and it only served to encourage Luke as he ground himself on top of her, kissing her deeply. He shifted to the side and his tongue began to trail along her neck and his hand slid beneath the fabric of her halter top, expertly finding the nipple beneath. Willow felt it immediately stiffen and his squeeze sent a shock wave through her body that culminated in her pussy growing wet.

She moaned again, “Oh Professor.”

“Luke,” he whispered.

And then his hand was under her small black skirt. The fabric bunched about her hips and her black panties were the only thing that kept her wetness inside.

To read more, please visit one of the following online retailers and purchase a copy for $.99.

For those who may have noticed, the wrong description was uploaded w/NS5. The one you see on Amazon and Barnes & Noble is the description for #6.

This is the description for #5:

When Willow finds she isn't performing as well as she'd like in her college course, her professor offers here a way out. Willow is prepared to do anything for an A as she seduces her professor to earn extra credit the hard way!

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