Friday, July 29, 2011

Fuck Him Friday

The week is almost over and that means it's time for Fuck Him Friday, except Estaban calls it Fuck Me Friday. He's clever like that. (And he usually gets his way EVERY Friday.)

And like other pics I've posted, he LOVES this one. Sex in the backseat of a car...there's not much like it. A confined space that allows for limited movement. The possibility of being caught in a compromising situation. These turn Mr. Man on like crazy. And yes, we've almost been caught a time or two. But only almost. And as the saying goes, almost doesn't count.

Hm, maybe I can convince him to take a ride after work to see if our good fortune will hold up.

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lonewolf said...

Fun! Looks like fun.

Happy Friday and new follower.

Lydia @ Sensual Ride