Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Naughty Secrets 7: Coach's Choice Now Available

Estaban and I are back with a whole new installment in the Naughty Secrets series. Check out the cover below, as well as the excerpt and the links for where to purchase right now.


“Do you know how beautiful you are, Mel?” Shelly whispered into Melanie’s ear.

Melanie’s stomach fluttered.

Shelly ran one of her hands down her friends lower stomach, passed the soft triangle of curls that covered her the mound above her clit, and down Melanie’s thighs as far as she could reach without letting go of Melanie with her other arm.

Melanie’s breath hitched. She was speechless. She turned in Shelly’s arms and faced her, her entire body trembling. She leaned towards Shelly’s ear and kissed the edge of it like she loved guys to do to her. It always made her stomach fill with butterflies and she hoped it had the same effect on Shelly.

It did. Shelly moaned loudly with appreciation. She pressed Melanie’s head against her ear and neck with one hand while her other stroked Melanie’s back before settling on the swell of her friend’s ass. Shelly squeezed one cheek, which caused Melanie to press the entire length of her body against Shelly.

Melanie trailed her tongue along Shelly’s collarbone, down towards her friend’s breasts. If she was honest with herself, there were times she’d fantasized about what Shelly’s breasts would feel like in her hands, what they’d taste like. Melanie cupped one in each hand as she licked towards one of Shelly’s nipples.

Shelly gasped as Melanie’s teeth closed gently over her. “Um, Mel. You look like you’re having fun.”

Melanie nodded and continued teasing her friend.

Shelly gasped. “Well you’re doing a great job. Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

Melanie didn’t. She rolled Shelly’s other nipple between her fingers, pinching, which elicited another groan from her friend.
Shelly raised her hands and pushed Melanie against the shower wall. 

“My turn. Let me show you what it’s like to be pleased by another woman.”

Melanie stared at Shelly with half-closed lids as her friend sucked on her earlobe while her hands roamed over Melanie’s breasts and area right above her pussy. When Shelly’s finger dipped into her wetness, Melanie let out a gasp. Shelly’s fingers were nimble. She knew exactly how to touch Melanie to draw out the biggest reaction.

Melanie’s hips began to gyrate against Shelly’s experienced hands. Shelly smiled in response and dropped to her knees in front of Melanie. She raised Melanie’s right leg and placed it over her shoulder to give herself complete access to the slice of Heaven between her friend’s legs.

“Gosh, Mel, you’re sopping wet,” Shelly said as she stared at Melanie’s pussy with an interest and lust that Melanie had never seen before. Shelly’s intense stare made her grow even wetter.

Where to Purchase

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