Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Naughty Secrets 4 Cover and Sneak Peak

Estaban and I have something for all of you lusty folk this morning: our cover for Naughty Secrets 4: Gang Bang Virgin AND a sneak peak. You know you're excited admit it.

Here you go!

Cassie did a double take, not believing what she was seeing.

She knew she should be embarrassed, shocked, and uncomfortable. But what really surprised her was the fact that she was none of those.

She was turned on.

So was Ryan.

He grabbed her by the small of her back, gathering the red fabric of her dress in his hands and pulling her into him for one of those patented deep Scottish kisses of his. Lips met lips, tongue flicked over tongue, and before she knew, her mouth wasn’t the only thing getting wet. As he kissed her, Cassie couldn’t help but open her eyes as she looked over Ryan’s shoulder at the couple on the couch.

Now that Ryan and she were kissing, the other two had gotten down to business. The redhead had the blond gentleman’s cock in her mouth, and he was reclining, looking up at the ceiling in pleasure. One hand had her under the hair and the other stretched out over the top of the couch. The redhead’s black mini-skirt was riding up as she bent forwards to take his cock in her mouth again and again.

Cassie saw the woman wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath her skirt. The back of the woman’s thighs glistened from the light shining down on her from the room’s chandelier, and Cassie saw her wet pussy peak out from underneath the riding mini. It all happened in a flash.

Then she tasted Ryan again. His lips wear so practiced. He knew just how to kiss her, hold it, pull back and tease her, leaving her longing for more. His hand slipped under her hair, and he gave it a gentle but firm tug, pulling her head upward as his mouth came to rest near her ear.

“God, I’ve wanted you since I laid eyes on you.”

Cassie gave a little gasp. It made her heart flutter.

“Me too!”

“How much?” Ryan said with a teasing roll off his tongue. A tongue she wanted doing other things.

“So much. So much that last night…” She looked down embarrassed, forgetting for the moment that a man was receiving oral sex a mere few feet from them.

“That last night you…” Ryan prodded her. In more ways than one he prodded her. He moved closer, pulling their hips together, and she felt him burrow into her hip.

She gasped again realizing how hard he was for her.

“Last night I came on my fingers thinking of you,” she said all at once.

Ryan let out a little moan and then he was on her. His hands glided over her back as he kissed her and pushed her back against the bar. It reminded Cassie of the kiss against the car, and she was even more turned on as he slid his hands up and over her breast. His hands felt just like she imagined they would, only better. Gentle. Firm. Knowing.

And then he was under her dress. His hand trailed up her thigh and paused for a second just next to the crease of her leg where her boy shorts covered her mound, keeping the wet juice from dripping down her legs. He looked at her.

She met his eyes and pushed his hand down on top of her pussy. She moaned, and he took in a deep breath. Ryan pushed her against the bar again and worked his way under her panties, slipping his finger inside of her. It went in smooth and she gasped. She had never been able to get her fingers that deep before. She placed her hand over his as she felt his lips trail along her neck and his second finger entered her. His fingers were thicker than hers and she felt her pussy stretch as it accepted him into her.

But then his thumb was working her clit, sending tiny shock waves through her body.


We hope you enjoyed this excerpt. And trust us, it gets MUCH dirtier.

We must apologize to Stacy, though. We forgot the blindfold scene, so we will be adding it in Naughty Secrets 5.

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