Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Review of Rachel Boleyn's Bad Bikers: Daddy's Girl

I don't care what Estaban says about reading other people's material and preferring real life...THIS ONE WAS ONE FUCK OF A READ! My goodness! Ms. Boleyn definitely turned the heatWAY up for this story.

Bad Bikers: Daddy's Girl is broken up into three chapters. In each, Rachel attempts to convince three of her father's friends to help her in her mission to join the annual bike ride to Daytona Bike Week.

Each encounter between Rachel and her father's friends is HOTTTTT!!! Seriously, if you have a thing for biker's, male or female, this is a must-read for it will definitely get your juices flowing.

I must add, who knew a torque wrench could be so delicious?

Bravo!! Nice work.

Rating: 5 stars


Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the fantastic review, Eden! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!

Eden Skye said...

You're welcome, gorgeous!