Sunday, June 19, 2011

Naughty Secrets 2 Sneak Peak

Earlier today I promised a possible sneak peak at Naughty Secrets 2. Well, here it is!

In my humble opinion, this is even better than the first. Estaban and I have definitely upped the ante with this one.

We hope this snippet entices you to purchase NS2 when it becomes available later in the week.


Derrick looked at her with expectation and apprehension on his face. “What’s going on, Kendra?”

Kendra said nothing. Instead she stood on tiptoes and brushed her lips against the area of skin just behind his ear. The feel of her lips on his neck made Derrick gasp. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and licked a slow path up to earlobe, which she clasped between her teeth.

Derrick responded with months of pent up desire. Before Kendra could react, he spun her around in the hallway while simultaneously kicking the door shut behind him. Kendra could smell the rainwater and his diluted cologne; it wafted into her nose like an intoxicant. She couldn’t even process the smell and its effect, though, because Derrick had pushed her towards the wall and was returning the ear nibble from over her shoulder.

She felt her cheeks flush, and her body began to warm up. A stark contrast to how cold she felt when Alex was still in the house. The warmth spread over her body wherever Derrick touched her. 

His hands slipped down her neck, spreading goose bumps along with the heat. His strong hands glided over her shoulders as his lips moved from her earlobe down to her neck and shoulder. Kendra could feel his warm tongue glide across her collarbone, and she let a sharp breath rasp through her teeth. She closed her eyes as she pressed into the wall and let herself feel Derrick. His hands came around her stomach, and they were warm and hard but seemed to know the route well. One hand slipped under her bra grabbing her firmly under the breast. The other slid over her ass and began to unzip the pants from their back zipper. Kendra was suddenly very happy she decided to wear her black slacks today.


If you want to know ensues, make sure to keep an eye out for links on where to purchase a copy.

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