Friday, June 17, 2011

A Glimpse Into Naughty Secrets

I was thinking that I should post an excerpt from Naughty Secrets to show all of you what Estaban and I came up with. I happen to think, as does he, that we one helluva hot story. Read the excerpt. Buy a copy. And then tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

And then it happened. He didn’t say anything, but before he knew it he was around the desk and he had her soft pink lips pressed against his own. His heart beat in his ears and his hands trembled from nervousness, excitement, lust. His hands slipped down the small of her back and he grabbed a handful of firm ass that made him feel crazy. He could feel his body respond. So could she, and again she smiled. This time he knew that smile.
She turned around, still in his arms and pushed his pile of papers to the floor off of his desk. Jake had been working on those files for weeks but he didn’t care. She pressed her ass against him as she did so, and again Jake felt the surge of adrenaline travel through his groin. He slipped a hand up that pencil skirt causing it to bunch over her hips. He caught a hint of red lace underwear before the skirt fell over his wrist, but he didn’t need to see to feel the warmth radiating from her. 
She let out a small moan.
Easing his fingers between the fabric and her thigh, he found it, so wet, so soft, so warm.
With one hand on the desk, she looked back at him, her hair sweeping the top of the mahogany. With her other, she reached back and began undoing his belt. She stumbled a bit on the suit button, but Jake took care of that and then, suddenly he was free. She grabbed him full in her hand, and the grip felt like a massage that seemed to tighten the muscle and provide a small bit of relief all at the same time.

“Now. I need you now.” Her face was already flushed, but she looked him dead in the eye over her shoulder as she pulled him by his cock, towards her. 

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