Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spurs, a horse bit, and Eden's Asshole

Eden has a perfectly trimmed garden but most cowboy's like to play in the mud sometimes. That's why Broke Back Mountain was such a hit. Well I told Eden I wouldn't quit her and I wasn't lying. I literally pounded her ass for over an hour and a half while I wore nothing but my cowboy hat and spurs.

I had the pleasure of riding her with my dick in her ass holding me on her quite literally "bareback". I have seen her squirm many times over the years, but let me tell you how she can buck. That's Buck with a 'B' but of course while we fucked with an 'F'.

She was so hot for anal that day she didn't even let me touch her vagina. Still she came. Very hard too. When I finally poured myself into her it was a nice goo filled cream pie that she dripped onto the floor in an 'oh so hot' way.

I'll never forget her grin when she said, "Wow that's a lot of baby batter. That's how you bake a good brownie."

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